CEREC: Convenient, Same Day Dental Crowns in Bloomingdale, IL

Digital dentistry has improved the industry, giving patients access to top-notch dental services using the best equipment. If you need a dental crown, then take advantage of the technology by finding a dentist in Bloomingdale, IL that uses CEREC.

Ceramic Reconstruction (CEREC) is an advanced system that creates high-quality dental restorations. The dentist first creates the virtual restoration without the need to take an impression or create a mold. Then, a milling unit in the machine builds the restoration while the patient waits in the chair.

The main advantage of CEREC crowns is that they can be completed, start to finish, in a single day. Typically, a traditional dental crown will take at least two visits to complete: one to create a mold, and another to fit and place the crown. With CEREC, the time it takes to mold and build the crown is significantly shorter.

We are able to mold the crown to your unique specifications using CEREC. With this technology, we have full control over the shape, fit, and contour of your new crown. Most people find that the restorations are nearly perfect every time due to the precision and accuracy of the technology.



CEREC Advantages

There aren’t many disadvantages of CEREC technology. But, it is easy to see the advantages that are available from these dental services:

  • Single Visit: In most situations, dental crowns require at least two visits to the dental office. During the initial visit, the tooth is prepared, and a mold is taken. Then, a temporary cover is placed on the tooth while the laboratory creates the crown. The patient needs to return to the office for the final fitting and placement. In comparison, CEREC makes it possible for the on-the-spot design of dental crowns. So, the treatment can be finished in a single visit.
  • Shaping the Tooth: The digital technology used for CEREC gives the dentist full control over the shape, fit, and contour of the crown. Molding limits the ability to customize the tooth, but digital technology allows the design of the tooth to be changed with the click of a button.
  • Metal Free Restorations: It is common for patients to request metal-free dental solutions. Not only are metal-free treatments more appealing, but most people find them more comfortable as well. The CEREC technology creates a metal-free crown, giving you the option to improve your smile without the placement of metal over the tooth.

This treatment is fast and efficient. Most same day crowns can be completed in less than two hours, and there is no need to come back to the dental office for a follow-up visit. If you are in need of a tooth crown, then CEREC may be the best solution for you.

CEREC technology can be used for a variety of treatments, including dental crowns, onlays, inlays, and even certain types of dental bridges. We want your treatment to be as efficient as possible, and for you to leave with a smile that you love!


Call Flex Dental for Same Day CEREC Crowns

At Flex Dental, we are proud to offer CEREC technology, enabling us to provide same-day crowns for our patients. If you are missing teeth or simply looking for a new dentist near Bloomingdale, IL, give us a call today.

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