Digital X-Rays in Bloomingdale, IL and the Latest Technology Trends for Dental Exams

Regular dental visits are essential to clean your teeth and evaluate potential issues that might lead to bigger dental problems in the future. One of the most important aspects of caring for your smile is scheduling regular exams with an experienced dentist. These appointments are designed to assess your dental health, giving you treatment and preventive care options to maximize your smile.

At Flex Dental, we recognize the importance of keeping up with the trends in the dental industry. Our team offers the latest technology, including digital x-rays.

Modern dental technology, including digital dental x-rays, can vastly improve your patient experience. With digital x-rays, you are exposed to significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. We are able to access the images quickly and they are stored on our digital database for more accurate and immediate diagnosis.

Digital X-Rays


Why Digital Radiography Instead of Traditional X-Rays

Traditional x-rays have been used for many years. So, why are many dentists moving to digital radiography instead? There are several benefits that you will receive from digital x-rays and other digital evaluations:

  • No Chemical Processing: Since the images are captured and stored electronically, it simplifies the process of taking x-rays. Eliminating the chemical processing reduces the work that needs to be completed.
  • Improved Image Quality: At the same time, the accuracy of digital scans increases the quality of the images. These x-rays help the dental team identify small areas of concern, offering personalized recommendations to improve your long-term dental health.
  • Less Radiation: Comparing the radiation levels of digital x-rays with traditional film x-rays, you will see that radiation levels decrease by as much as 90%, creating a safer environment when you are in the dental office.
  • Computer Storage: Digital images are stored in your patient file on the computer. These archived records are easy to track. Also, the dentist can review past scans if needed.
  • Detailed Diagnosis: The dentist has the option to zoom in on the digital x-rays. A closer look at the images can increase the accuracy of the diagnosis. As a result, treatments are more effective and timely for your needs.

There’s no doubt that digital x-rays are superior to the traditional images that were used for many years. Our team at Flex Dental recognizes the importance of keeping up with the trends in the dental industry. We are happy to provide the best dental services using top-notch technology so that you can receive optimal results with diagnosis and treatment.

By keeping all of your x-rays stored together digitally, we can quickly compare your current images with x-rays from the past. This helps us to keep track of tooth decay, gum health, and more.We can then offer a more complete diagnosis than if we only had your most recent set of images.

Do you have questions about digital x-rays and digital radiography? Call Flex Dental for more information or visit our dental office in Bloomingdale, IL. We are always here to answer your questions and help with your dental concerns.