Gum Graft Treatment in Bloomingdale, IL: An Important Option to Protect Your Dental Health

If you want to protect your overall health and wellness, then you need to schedule regular dental visits. We will evaluate your dental health and make recommendations for your individual needs. Not only is it important to take care of your teeth, but you also need to consider gum health as well. Regular brushing and flossing is the best combination to prevent both tooth decay and gum disease.

At Flex Dental, we can help you maintain good gum health. Have you been diagnosed with gum disease? Then we will provide options to help you protect your smile, including root planing and gum grafts if needed. Individual circumstances vary, which is why personal recommendations are the best solution for all dental concerns.

If you are experiencing gum recession, we may recommend a gum graft treatment. This surgical treatment involves grafting the gum tissue to protect the root of the tooth from exposure when a patient is experiencing advanced gum recession. An unprotected root can leave the nerves of the teeth exposed, causing severe pain. It is best to avoid gum recession by catching gum disease early at your regular dental appointments. Call today to schedule a check up at Flex Dental!

Gum Graft


Who Needs a Gum Graft?

Patients who are experiencing severe gum recession may need a gum graft. Gingival recession can lead to exposing the roots of the teeth and further damage. Many people experience some version of gum disease, and if treated early, then a gum graft can typically be avoided.

Gum recession can have an impact on a single tooth, or it could affect an entire section of your mouth. As the gums pull back, it exposes a larger portion of the tooth. The root of the tooth is protected by the gum line, so receding gums can have a negative impact on the strength and quality of the tooth.

Gum disease happens when bacteria infect the gums. Often, the bacteria grow in pockets, causing damage to the surrounding gums. As the gums are damaged, they recede and reduce the stability of the teeth. Not only do the gums protect the root, but the gums are also important to hold the teeth in place. In severe situations, gum disease can cause bone and tooth loss.


Treatment for Gum Disease

These serious consequences of gum disease can be avoided if you choose the right treatment plan. First, our dental staff will discuss habits and oral care. You need to consider the lifestyle choices that could be impacting your gum health: oral piercings, aggressive brushing of the teeth, tobacco use, the incorrect fit of dental appliances, teeth grinding, and more.

Then, we will evaluate the in-office treatments that need to be done to protect your dental health. At Flex Dental, we offer all of the gum recession treatment options that you need. Our focus is on early detection so that minimal treatments can be used to stop the problem and prevent progression of gum disease. In severe cases, a gum graft might be necessary to replace the missing tissue that should be over the tooth.

We offer scaling and root planing, also called “deep cleaning,” to patients experiencing gum disease as well. This is a non-surgical treatment during which the dentist will remove plaque from the gumline. Then, the roots are smoothed, or planed, to remove any irritants that may cause inflammation.

Gum Graft Surgery

You may need gum graft surgery to protect your teeth from gum recession, or to improve the appearance of your smile. During gum recession, the tissue surrounding the teeth pull away from tooth, exposing more of the tooth or the root, which can cause damage to the surrounding teeth and bone. While most people might not notice that their gums have receded, since it is a gradual process, over time it can cause discomfort or sensitivity, and eventually tooth loss.

Typically, a gum graft surgery involves opening a small flap in the roof of the mouth. From there, the dentist removes a piece of tissue from beneath the top layer of tissue. This grafted tissue is then stitched to the area that is receding, and the opening from the roof of the mouth is sealed.

If you think you may need a gum graft or other periodontal treatment, then talk to us at Flex Dental to learn more about your options. You can schedule an appointment in our Bloomingdale, IL dental office to get personalized recommendations and dental treatments.