Quality Root Canals in Bloomingdale, IL

Technology has advanced over the years, creating excellent solutions for dental treatments. At one time, root canals were thought to be an extremely unpleasant dental treatment. But, technological advances have made it possible for root canals to be a routine treatment, similar to the process of getting a basic dental filling.

If a tooth has a severe infection, then it might be necessary to clean out the root so that the infection can be eliminated. A root canal treatment can be used to save the tooth, giving you the option to protect your natural smile for many years. At Flex Dental, we offer a wide range of cosmetic and general dentistry services, including root canals.

Root Canals


What Happens During a Root Canal?

Untreated dental decay and infection can move into the root of the tooth. At this point, you will likely experience pain and severe discomfort due to the infection. Sometimes, an abscess can form as the infection spreads into the gums around the tooth.

When the infection is so severe that it impacts the root of the tooth, it is often necessary for the dentist to access the central area of the tooth to remove the infection. During a root canal, the decay and pulp of the tooth are removed. Then, the dentist can seal the interior section of the tooth and fill it in.

Delaying treatment could lead to loss of the tooth, so it is better to choose a root canal treatment to maintain the overall structure of the tooth. Modern technology can be used to save the tooth so that you can enjoy a beautiful smile. After the root canal is finished, it is common to add a dental crown or inlay to strengthen the remainder of the tooth.


Root Canal Treatment from an Experienced Team

Since a root canal is an in-depth dental procedure, it is important that you choose a dental team you can trust. At Flex Dental, we provide the latest advances in technology and highly trained staff. You can relax in the dental chair knowing that we always offer top-notch dental services.

The only way to know if a root canal treatment is necessary is by talking to an experienced dental team. We invite you to schedule a consultation so that we can discuss your individual needs. These personalized recommendations will help you choose the treatments that will protect your smile.

For more information about root canals and other dental services, you can call Flex Dental in Bloomingdale, IL to schedule a consultation.