Professional Teeth Whitening in Bloomingdale, IL

The color of your teeth impacts the first impression that you set when you meet someone new. Do you have a bright, welcoming smile that can be shared with friends and family? Or, is your smile hampered by yellowed, discolored teeth?

Tooth discoloration is common with age. It can also be affected by a number of external factors, including caffeine intake, tobacco use, and more.

But, it doesn’t mean that you need to have yellowed teeth forever! Consider the benefits of a fast and effective teeth whitening treatment from the experts here at Flex Dental.

Teeth Whitening


Disadvantages of Over-the-Counter Tooth Whitening Products

Why pay for dentist teeth whitening when you can buy over-the-counter products from the grocery store? It is important to know that these products don’t offer the results that can be achieved from professional teeth whitening.

Whether you are using whitening strips or a special toothpaste, it is essential that you maintain consistent use to see any results. Often, the results are slow, and they don’t create the bright, beautiful smile that you desire. Multiple treatments are needed to see a change. Plus, some of these products can damage your teeth by wearing down the enamel.

In comparison, professional teeth whitening makes it possible to transform your smile instantly. You will notice a difference from the moment you step out of the dental office. These results offer the long-lasting smile that you need to boost your confidence.

And when your treatment is performed by a professional dentist, you can rest assured that your dental health will be taken care of. The teeth whitening treatments we offer in office will protect your enamel while brightening your smile. Call us today if you are interested in teeth whitening treatments at Flex Dental!


Why You Need Professional Teeth Whitening

Is it worth the time to schedule an appointment for professional teeth whitening? Learn about the benefits of this service, and you will see that it is an excellent way to improve your smile. These are some of the benefits that you will love:

  • Bright, beautiful teeth
  • Boost in confidence and self-esteem
  • Immediate results from a single appointment
  • Avoid gum and tooth sensitivity after treatment
  • Safely improve the appearance of the teeth
  • Remove discoloration and stains from coffee, tobacco, and more

Teeth whiting is a great option to consider if your teeth are stained due to coffee or tobacco use. On top of that, teeth whitening services can also be a great option for patients that want to transform average teeth into a dazzling smile. Boost your confidence with a movie star worthy grin!

If you don’t have the bright, white teeth that you desire, then you should talk to our team about teeth whitening options. We offer safe, effective solutions that will improve your smile. Protect your enamel and choose professional teeth whitening instead of over the counter treatments. Pair these services with other cosmetic dental treatments if you want a full smile makeover.

Our team at Flex Dental is here to help you create the smile of your dreams. Call our dental office in Bloomingdale, IL to schedule a consultation. You can discuss various cosmetic dental treatments to choose the services that match your preferences.